Thermocycler TAdvanced 96 / Термоциклер TAdvanced 96


New powerful electronics

The TAdvanced thermal cycler is based on a new technology which is, among other things, characterized by very powerful electronics. The new device thus offers superior heating and cooling rates that helps achieve ramping rates with a sample block made of aluminum which are normally seen only with the highest quality instruments using silver blocks. The new electronics include USB- and Ethernet-ports as communication interfaces and a 7'' color touch screen with completely redesigned, clearly structured user software.

User specific quick start of programs

The intuitive software offers very straightforward programming and for GMP-regulated laboratories highly configurable user management, plus extensive tools for system diagnostics as well as documentation of PCR runs. To create PCR protocols the user can select between tabular or graphical programming. The user-specific quick start in combination with the program preview makes tedious searches for previously used PCR programs superfluous.

Linear Gradient Tool

The TAdvanced thermal cycler is optionally available with gradient function for the optimization of new primer pairs. The linear gradient tool allows one to set the desired temperature difference between the columns or rows of the sample block, thus enabling users to exactly configure the temperature shape of the gradient. As another option, the unit can be equipped with a quick block exchange function. Overall, you can choose between five different types of block modules, including a high-end variant of a 96-well silver block with outstanding heating and cooling rates allied to extremely high temperature uniformity for maximum reproducibility of experiments.

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Наименование: Thermocycler TAdvanced 96 / Термоциклер TAdvanced 96.





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